Underfloor Heating Firm Champions The Family Run Business

Date Published: March 31, 2014

A family run underfloor heating firm from Nottingham, has today championed the benefits of a family run business as it embarks upon an expansion plan.

Floor Heating Systems Ltd based in Hucknall was established back in 2001 by brothers, David and Robert Spray. After six months, Roberts son Ashley and wife Marilyn then joined the company, and from then on the company grew from strength to strength.

Andrew Dye, now sales director and general manager at the firm, said: “David moved to Australia in 2005, and Robert moved to Spain. Today his son Ashley is involved in the day to day management of the company as one of the directors.

“I joined back in 2003. I was working on the same business park as Floor Heating Systems Ltd, (as a transport and logistics manager) and helped them to unload lorries. The owner of the business I was working for decided to close the business, and they offered me a job. I literally wheeled my chair across the car park!”

“It is a shame that so many family run businesses have struggled to survive the recession. What makes them so special is that there is a huge amount of trust, and the fact that everyone is included as extended family.”

When asked what the main challenges are of running a family business, the team replied “Keeping disagreements at work, and knowing that you are all working for a common goal and swimming in the same direction”

The company is now one of the largest providers of underfloor heating in the UK, and puts part of this success down to the fact that it has such a personal approach to its clients.

Andrew Added: “The family are still very much involved in the business and will always hold the majority share holding. I would advise others to start a family run business because you know where you stand, and in the more testing times you have a very strong support network.”