Heating Firm Launches Product To Combat “The Big Freeze”

Date Published: March 17, 2014

With home insurance claims totaling a staggering £39 million, in 2013 alone, one underfloor heating firm is launching a solution to this years big freeze.

Nottingham based Floor Heating Systems ltd, has seen sales of its range of self regulating frost protection cables increase by ten per-cent in the last two months.

Sales Director Andrew Dye said: “Last year insurance firms dealt with a staggering 26,000 claims relating to frozen pipes and as a result, we are finding that homeowners are now taking steps to prevent such mishaps.”

The Self Regulating Frost Protection Cables from Floor Heating Systems Ltd are designed to keep water and drainage pipes working and free from ice.

Complete and ready to use, each cable is fitted with a temperature sensor, so that as soon as the temperature drops below 5C, the cable is activated.

Andrew added: “We are advising homeowners to protect themselves ahead if this years cold snap to avoid costly repairs. With the average burst pipe costing £1500, it makes sense to invest in some protection.”