Nottinghamshire Teen Backs National Apprenticeship Week After Landing Dream Job In Web Design

Date Published: March 6, 2014

As the seventh annual Apprenticeship Week swings into action (3rd-7th March), one Nottinghamshire based teen has encouraged other young people to take the plunge, after landing a dream career in web design.

Harrison Smith (18) from Mapperley applied for an IT and sales apprenticeship, with the underfloor heating specialists at Floor Heating Systems Ltd, back in 2013 and after exceeding the directors expectations, has been offered a  permanent position.

Harrison had been struggling to secure work for six months before seeing an advertisement on TV for The National Apprenticeship Scheme, and decided to apply.

He said: “University was always an option, but felt that I personally would gain much more by being placed into a work environment. I was out of work for around half a year, and had nowhere near the freedom I now have.

” I feel proud to have an apprenticeship role at Floor Heating Systems Ltd, and it is a huge leap from education for me.¬† Being rewarded after a year of hard work feels very good indeed.”

Harrison was then given the job of working with the firms current web designer (based in Spain) to design new sites for the company, and improve the old ones, in addition to working in sales.

Director at the firm, Andrew Dye, said: “We gave Harrison the job because we needed more staff to help us develop the new Varme site from start to finish. ¬†Taking on an apprentice means that you can have an employee who does not have bad habits, and who can be molded to suit your company and its needs”.

“I would certainly recommend hiring an apprentice to other businesses such as ours, especially if you have the time to train them.”

Harrison added: “If you have a drive to succeed and willingness to learn, I think there is no better way to start your career.”