Electric Underfloor Heating – The best system for you.

Date Published: June 10, 2014

Once you have decided that electric underfloor heating fits the needs of your project, you’ll need an overview on the various systems we have to offer.

In this article we will be covering:

  • Loose Cable and Cable Mat systems
  • Carbon Heating Film and Heat-Pak
  • In-screed Cable

There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which system to use, for example, the Carbon Heating Film is best suited to go under a laminate or wood floor. The Carbon Heating Film in conjunction with the Heat-Pak, however, can be used underneath a carpet or vinyl floor finish.

The Cable Mat system is primarily used for under tile heating in larger areas due to its easy to roll out nature, while the loose cable is easier to lay inside small, irregular areas such as bathrooms and wetrooms.

Depending on the project specification, our range of tile backer board insulation may be required prior to insulation.

Carbon Heating Film

Our Carbon Heating Film system is designed for installation directly beneath wood or laminate floors. The film is laid over our 6mm Depron Foam insulation underlay to give a minimal effect on your floor height.

Because of the bespoke nature of this system we require a floor plan before order. We cut each individual element to size to give you the maximum coverage possible.


Carbon Heating Film with additional Heat-Pak

Heat-Pak is our dual overlay MDF board. If the Heat-Pak is laid directly over the Carbon Heating Film in place of a laminate/ engineered floor, then Vinyl or Carpet may be laid over the top, this increases the entire floor height of the Carbon Heating Film system to 14mm (see below).

Carbon Heating Film with Heat-Pak

Loose Cable

Our loose cable system is idea for installation in smaller, awkward shaped areas. The cable can go directly onto the sub-floor or be laid on top of our 6 or 10mm insulation board.
Our cable systems are designed for installation under tile / stone but when covered with an encapsulating layer of latex leveling compound (screed) they can go under any floor covering.


Cable Mat

The Cable Mat is our cable system pre-attached to a fiberglass mesh for ease of installation in larger, open plan areas.

The Cable Mat is 500mm in width and comes in various lengths, it can lay directly to the sub-floor or on top of one of our insulation boards if necessary.  You can view our installation videos here.


In Screed Cable

Our in-screed cable typically sits in a 40 – 75mm screed. This is ideal for new builds and extensions. Our in-screed system acts as a storage heater, heating up the entire slab through the off-peak hours of the night and keeping the heat throughout the day.

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