Underfloor Heating Under Wood

Date Published: May 12, 2014

Wooden floors (laminates, engineered, etc) have always been common in both new developments and refurbishments.

The many benefits that wood flooring provides (acoustic properties, long-lasting and warm to the touch) can be taken even further with our bespoke, dry-lay Carbon Heating Film.

Varme Element Layout

Not only is the Carbon Heating Film easy to install, made to measure and thin enough to only increase floor height by 7mm. It also comes with our state of the art thermostat and floor sensor to ensure your wood flooring does not go over the safety limit (as per manufacturers guidelines) of 27°c.

Made to measure

We cut each individual element to size as per the plan provided in order to achieve maximum coverage. We then supply you with an element layout (see above) for approval.

This is one of the reasons the Carbon Heating Film system is so easy to install.

Our underfloor heating Carbon Heating Film system is well suited for wood floors and will allow you to enjoy the natural floor finish to its fullest.

For any further information please contact us via phone or E-Mail.

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